July 18, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

Reader’s Radar Hits the Airwaves

Wednesday, July 18
New Episodes posted bi-monthly

Longtime Writers Guild Member and current Guild Secretary Shayne Laughter is onto something exciting — a podcast created at WFIU Public Radio. READER’S RADAR will be a half-hour journey into new short fiction coming from literary journals published in Indiana.

Laughter is an Arts Reporter at WFIU, and produces the web-only podcast, “Kinsey Confidential,” for WFIU and the IU School of Public Health. She has been a reader of stories and novels for the WFHB show, “Books Unbound,” and a voice actor with the Burroughs Century audio theater troupe, plus is often heard reading her original fiction at the Writers Guild live spoken word events.

Laughter began developing READER’S RADAR when she realized that radio, TV and podcast shows about literature and reading commonly focus on full-length books and book authors — and none paid any attention to literary journals, even though these substantial magazines are plentiful on bookstore shelves and writers compete hard to get published there.

Literary journals are where writers in all genres — fiction, poetry, essay and memoir — get their start, where they build their audiences and keep their skills fresh.It’s also where young editors and publishing professionals get their start, because most journals come out of colleges and universities. Indiana alone boasts 15 publications in print and online. 11 of them from academic programs around the state. Three are world-renowned, and most journals publish writers from all over the world.

READER’S RADAR premieres online at indianapublicmedia.org on July 18, and will post new episodes twice a month. Each half-hour program will start with a brief interview with the featured journal’s Editor, and then Laughter will read a story from the journal’s current or recent issue. Each story has been chosen by the Editor as the one they are most excited for podcast listeners to hear — a tale that has an extra special something.

A story that needs to be on your Radar.


See the Herald-Times article at https://www.heraldtimesonline.com/entertainment/new-radio-programs-explore-songs-stories-and-more/article_09cebb7b-8c75-584f-8cfb-baf13420c869.html

Reader’s Radar Hits the Airwaves
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