The Writers Guild at Bloomington presents the following ongoing events & programs:

First Sunday Prose Readings and Open Mic – a monthly event 

Guest authors are invited to read, followed by an Open Mic. The focus is on prose writing. This event is held at Bear’s Place from 3 to 4:30 pm. Arrive early to sign up for Open Mic.


Last Sunday Poetry Readings and Open Mic –  a monthly event

Guest poets will read, followed by a poetry open mic. This event is held at the Bloomington Convention Center from 3 to 4:30 pm.  Arrive early to sign up for Open Mic.


   Spoken Word Series a monthly event: Currently virtual

This series features writers and musicians and an open mic on the first Wednesday from 6 to 9 pm. This event is at Bear’s Place.


Third Sunday Writing Workshop – a monthly event: Currently virtual 

Free Creative Writing Workshop for Writers Guild Members Only.
For more information contact shana747@gmail.com.


The Writers Guild and the Monroe County Public Library The Writers Guild collaborates with the Monroe County Public Library

to present workshops at the public library several times a year.


The Spoken Word Stage is presented annually as part of the Fourth Street Festival of Arts & Crafts on Labor Day weekend.

The Spoken Word Stage has a two day lineup of artists including poets, storytellers, radio drama, comedy, street theatre, and Poetry On Demand.


Funding support:  The Writers Guild at Bloomington periodically gives financial support to various literary events, shows and performers.


The Ryser Award is offered each year to provide financial support for a writer to attend a writing workshop or conference.

On alternating years this award is offered to a high school teacher, a high school student, a member of the Writers Guild.


Socials for WG members  Once or twice a year we gather for a pot luck social, often in an outdoor location, to share food, discussion, and an open mic reading.


Our website provides up to date information on literary events around town as well as information about its members, and information on publishing and local opportunities.


   Our newsletter:  Members get our email newsletter for timely reminders of events and information on literary activities.

typwriter and money

If you’d like to support our efforts, please make a contribution. Your support pays for our website, post office box, as well as our slim and trim budget for events such as our Spoken Word Stage, Writers Guild readings and workshops, and Writers Guild socials. We are volunteer run, managed, and creatively imagined, and we do a lot on very little!

You can quickly and easily make a donation by clicking the PAYPAL button at the right-hand side of the homepage. Or, you can make a check out to:
Writers Guild at Bloomington, Inc. and mail it to:

Writers Guild at Bloomington P. O. Box 3445 Bloomington, IN 47402

Thank you!

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