September 7, 2023 @ 7:33 pm – September 24, 2023 @ 8:33 pm
Waldron Arts Center

Constellation Stage & Screen


Holmes & Watson

an edge-of-your-seat mystery

Summoned to a remote asylum on a rocky island, Dr. Watson investigates three inmates who all claim to be the genius sleuth, Sherlock Holmes.
All the world knows Holmes died facing his nemesis Moriarty years ago, so who are these imposters?
This eerie new chapter in the Sherlock Holmes saga will stir your blood and puzzle your mind.
Note: On Thursday nights, Constellation offers Pay What You Will performances, meaning you get to choose your own ticket price!
For a detailed performance schedule, please visit our website. Learn more and find tickets at https://seeconstellation.org/mainstage/holmes/
Holmes & Watson by Constellation Stage & Screen
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