November 21, 2020 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Writers Guild Business Meeting Virtual

Writers Guild Business Meeting

Virtual via Zoom


For Zoom link, or to make a nomination, please contact:

Joan Hawkins (jchawkin93@yahoo.com)

Tony Brewer (beatnik_a_go_go@yahoo.com)

Kyle Quass (kylequass@gmail.com)

Nominations are open for the Board of Directors (Due Nov 30; Election to take place at a virtual meeting Dec. 5)

 Please note all positions are unpaid.

FYI, all members of the current Board are in their 2nd term (have served 2 years), so they are eligible to serve again.

Article 5. Board of Directors.
a) The Board of Directors of the Writers Guild consists of three members elected annually. They are the Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Their responsibilities are:
b) Chair: Calls and presides over Board meetings, business meetings, membership meetings, and elections. Coordinates the committees and calendar for Writers Guild produced events and co-produced events. Leads any fundraising efforts. Has signatory power on checks. The Chair may make temporary appointments for an assistant for specific tasks and projects.
c) Treasurer: Collects and banks income, keeps books, prepares annual financial report, and submits tax reports. Has signatory power on checks.
d) Secretary: Keeps minutes of Board meetings and makes them available to the membership. Keeps administrative, meeting, and membership records.
e)  Terms & Limits:  Board Members will serve until the end of December of the year they were voted into their position. Board Members will serve one-year terms, and may serve five (5) consecutive terms.  Additional terms in the same position may be served after a one-year absence from the Board position.
f)  Board members are required to attend at least sixty percent of all business meetings. Any Board member who cannot make this commitment will not be eligible for election the following year.

Writers Guild Business Meeting Virtual
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