August 26, 2018 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
monroe country convention center

Last Sunday Poetry Reading and Open Mic
Presented by the Writers Guild at Bloomington

With guest readers Lisa Kwong and PDVNCH

Followed by an Open Mic
It’s all free!
Free parking in the back too.

Lisa Kwong is an AppalAsian writer in the Midwest, where she currently teaches courses in Asian American Studies and English at Indiana University. She is a distinguished creative writing alumna of Appalachian State University and earned an MFA in poetry from Indiana University. Her poems and essays are forthcoming or have appeared in A Literary Field Guide to Southern Appalachia, Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Best New Poets 2014, the minnesota review, Banango Street, Still: The Journal, Naugatuck River Review, Appalachian Heritage, Pluck!, and other journals. She has received poetry scholarships and fellowships from Indiana University, The Frost Place, and Sundress Academy for the Arts, where she was the 2017 Appalachian Writer-in-Residence. She has also been a featured artist for the Urban Appalachian Community Coalition Literary Salon in Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to creative writing and Asian American studies, Lisa is also passionate about superheroes and ‘90s music, especially Batman and Mariah Carey, and moonlights as an aspiring fashion stylist with a penchant for pattern mixing and all shades of pink.

PDVNCH  [Pee-dove-inch]

An African-American, “who’s been Black all of his life”, a native Indian,born as a Bloomingtonian, raised as an Ellettsvillian.  A product of the ‘80s, and shaped by the ‘90s.  He’s listened to all genres of music!  A certified Cinephile.  He loves domestic touring and international travel, and breakfast is his favorite mealtime.  Some of his influences include; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Cornell West, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Dick Gregory, Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney, and Sinbad.  A spiritual individual, with an optimistic Intro-extrovert personality, who is serious about being hilarious, and, thus, loves to laugh hysterically.  On Staff at Indiana University’s Bloomington campus, a humble member of the Bloomington Writers Guild, supporter of the arts, and advocate in the local artists community.  He recited his first freestyle rap at age 5 years old.  Then later would be inspired by the works of Shakespeare.  Now, Director of Creative-Arts Production at GHETT-HEALTHY productions, a nonprofit Creative-Arts organization, founded in 2001, writing the soundtrack to his life.  As an author, his body of work contains, 1,000+ songs, poems, comedy sketches, and fictional/non-fictional writings.  As a visual soryteller, verbal illustrator, and conceptualists; he believes there is no metaphorical box that fits him.  One of his school-mates observed and commented, “You don’t fit in, yet you mix in”.  As an inventor/originator, most known, globally, for his original iconic hair designs (Beads by DVNCH), fabulous frames and his phenomenal passion for fashion.  His desire, is to Inspire inspiration, his proclivity for creativity, is infused in his illusive exclusivity.  He is an enthusiasm enthusiast, who refuses to complain, and maintains that, excuses are useless, so he chooses to lose excuses, and find solutions.



Last Sunday Poetry Reading and Open Mic
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