January 5, 2020 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Bear's Place
1316 E Third St.


First Sunday Prose Reading and Open Mic

Presented by the Writers Guild at Bloomington

The featured readers are:  Darrell Stone and Eric Rensberger

Come early to sign up for Open Mic!

Darrell Stone grew up in Greater Boston, with an artistic passion for storytelling.   She holds a masters degree in social work from Indiana University and a bachelors degree in theatre from Northeastern University.  In addition to her love for writing, Darrell is a free lance photographer, actor and director.  Writing complements her love for being an observer of human behavior and our environment.  Her pieces are additionally rooted and expressed from the foundations of her professional careers in social work and theatre.  ​ Darrell’s essays are known for simply pausing on a moment which can be stunning, hopeful, or meaningful to the human experience. Writing prose, snapping pictures, capturing moments, telling stories: each reveals the relationship between design, nature, people and place.​ Every moment has a story and Darrell calls us to bear witness and share that truth.​  Ultimately, Darrell Stone hopes her writing provides the reader or listener with a keen eye into the soul of the world around us. ​She is currently working on a collection of essays for publication.​


Eric Rensberger is a local poet who has been performing his work around Bloomington for about 40 years. The same 3 poems, over and over. He never tires of them. While it is true that he has read many other poem-like items, none of them are really finished. Only the 3. And he won’t tell you which ones they are. A large selection of his work is available on his website, ericrensbergerpoetry.net. In addition to his poetry, he also writes the occasional essay, story, or lengthy lie. And sometimes he just talks to you, which he believes qualifies as spontaneous prose work.

First Sunday Prose Reading & Open Mic
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