February 6, 2022 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Morgenstern's Bookstore
849 S Auto Mall Road 

First Sunday Prose Reading and Open Mic

Presented by the Writers Guild at Bloomington

The featured readers are:

Alan Balkema

Jane Goodman

Come early to sign up for Open Mic!

Alan Balkema spent the first three years of his retirement in Dublin with his Irish wife. He highly recommends the location for aspiring writers, as there’s something in the air. He developed a writing 
routine and enjoyed success. A monologue Let Me Share was performed at the Claremorris Fringe Festival, winning best actress and best director awards for the people involved. He’s also had stories
published in Flash Fiction World (online and print!) and Brilliant Flash Fiction (ditto). In his professional career he wrote and edited research reports. Storytelling is much more fun. A native of Romney, Indiana, he now resides in Bloomington. In addition to his e-book Decoration Day, he has also published Lightning Rod, another look into a dysfunctional family, and is currently working on a script for a mini-series on a premium channel. Find more stuff on https:\\alanbalkema.com




Jane Goodman is professor of cultural anthropology at Indiana University Bloomington and a singer of world music. She has published extensively on music and theater in North Africa. She began writing poetic memoir a decade ago with Women Writing for (a) Change. 

First Sunday Prose Reading and Open Mic
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